Options For Considering Business Management Jobs

Business is a popular field that many enter. Starting in college, many students decide to major in business, a discipline that covers classes in finance, management, and marketing. When it comes time for internships, now a graduation requirement for many bachelor’s degree business programs, students pursue one or more of these fields to get experience in a professional environment. Upon graduation, entering the workforce is more of the same. In fact, according to the latest PayScale College Salary Report, the most popular careers for those with a bachelor of science in business administration are human resources manager, retail operations manager, administrative assistant, retail assistant manager, project manager, customer service representative, office manager, human resources manager, and human resources director.

As you can see from this list of entry- to mid-level career options for business majors, a future in management is a possibility. The top of the line for many business management jobs is being the head of a corporation. A chief executive officer, chief financial officer, or chief operational officer is responsible for the future and growth of a company. They plan and implement strategies for financial growth and marketing, and these spread down to be executed by the different departments of the company.

Other business management jobs involve a specialized skill set. After many years in the workforce and an MBA degree, someone may aspire to a head of marketing or finance department. A project manager, a possible marketing management position in the business world, is needed in nearly all companies to oversee the execution of various projects and their implementation and to make sure that these projects stay on budget.

Asset management is another field for many advancement opportunities in business. Although having extensive education and experience is needed for the field, upper-level positions range from research analysts, financial advisors, and portfolio managers, all of whom give advice on, manage, or put together portfolios of stocks, bonds, or a combination of both for the highest return.

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The Skills Needed for Business Management Jobs

Getting into management is the goal of many in the workforce. But what, exactly, is management? Essentially, “management” is an umbrella term used for nearly all senior-level positions involving supervision and leadership of entry- and mid-level workers. Business management jobs, for example, often have several tiers. Depending upon the size and nature of a company, these positions begin at the team level, go up to a department head, and may include branch, area, and general manager positions.

The start to any business management jobs is the bottom – entry-level work. This, of course, varies with the department, and a large company will have positions ranging from administrative work to information technology to sales, all of which would have team or department management positions. Such positions are often the first step to an upper managerial position. Once you’ve proved yourself in entry- and mid-level work, not only just doing your job well but also displaying leadership abilities, you can apply to be or be promoted into a lower- or mid-level management job.

For many, the process doesn’t end here, and advancing to district and general manager jobs involves the same procedure. Skills are acquired, results achieved, and connections made. But in some cases, more education will be needed to achieve placement in upper business management jobs. Such positions like chief operations officer or a chief executive officer not only require several years, if not decades, of experience but also an advanced degree. In the business world, an MBA is an acceptable advanced degree, although more specific programs, such as an MBA in operational management or international business, may be required for some positions.

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Finding The Right Business Management Jobs For You

Being a cubicle drone isn’t for everyone. Some just want to be in charge. While some career paths taking the highly-skilled route, others involve leading a team to success. Which one is for you?

Those considering advancement into business management jobs should be building up their leadership experience as soon as they enter the workplace. Even at the entry-level, showing that you’re able to take charge on a project – even when working with others in the same rank as you – will get you noticed. Having positive results on said project is even more helpful. Asserting yourself, and having the skills to back yourself up, often leads to a promotion, and after moving up through the ranks, a career in management may be the right path for you.

But management isn’t as clear cut as, for example, being a computer programmer or accountant. Each business has its unique structure, and you need to fit within this model. Some, for example, find that managing a smaller business is far more fulfilling: no higher-ups giving you directions, a smaller and more dedicated team to manage, and far more creative freedom to make decisions.

Business management jobs in smaller companies do have their downsides, however, including restrictions of funds and pulling more hours to meet goals. In these cases, business management jobs in larger companies have far more positive perks – although this, too, depends upon the company’s culture and model. A larger network of management professionals is the structure of such companies, and management jobs range from lower team managers to mid-level or district managers to those directly at the top of the corporation. Regardless of the position, the skill set is the same: the ability to manage and direct a group of people to success.

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Tips For Finding Business Management Jobs on Craigslist

Are you a business management degree holder who is looking for work? Although there are many job search tools at your fingertips, one is commonly overlooked. That is Craigslist.org. Craigslist is a popular classified website and service. In addition to for sale products, you will also find open job positions, many of which are in the field of business management.

To find business management jobs on Craigslist, you must first visit the website. On the main page, select your state and then city. To browse available jobs in business management, look for the jobs sections. To search, use the search box on the left side of the page. Change your default search settings to jobs. Search with related keyword phrases. Get started with business management, business, management, or manager. If looking for one-time gigs, instead of full-time positions, search with the phrase project manager.

In addition to searching or browsing the Craigslist.org website for business manager and project manager positions, you can also post your resume in their resumes section. The easiest approach is to copy and paste your already written resume from Microsoft Word, as this program has a spell check feature. You may need to tinker with the layout to ensure your resume is intact and easy to read. The Craigslist resume section is one giant section, where all resumes are posted at once. To make it easier for employers to find your resume, write a detailed headline that describes your training, experience, and job preferences. This would be management.

As you likely already know, business management and project manager jobs come in many different formats. As great as working from home sounds, you must be on the lookout for scams. You don’t necessarily want to avoid work-at-home management jobs, but use your best judgment. Avoid common pyramid scams, where you basically paid just for recruiting other sellers. Also be on the lookout for false promises, lucky these are easy to spot. Although management positions do pay well, it is unlikely that you will make thousands of dollars in one day. These are usually nothing more than a trap to get you to pay a training fee or acquire your personal information.

As previously stated, you can get started with a standard search on Craigslist, but you are limited. Craigslist prohibits multi-city searches. If you want to search all cities for jobs or are interested in relocating for the right job and pay, you should download a desktop search tool that enables you to search all of Craigslist as well as other classified websites.

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How Do You Break Into Business Management Jobs?

Business is a career path that many choose, but positions in this vast field range from sales to accounting to marketing. Entry-level careers range from human resources representatives to junior project managers, and while a bachelor’s degree is generally needed for all of these positions, more experience and education is needed for business management jobs. An MBA, in nearly all cases, is necessary, although more specific degrees, such as an MBA in Organizational Management, help with promotion.

Aside from education, what else is required to move above entry- and mid-level business jobs? Experience is just as important as education. A resume, for example, needs to show all past positions and what you achieved in each of these roles. For management, however, more than skills are necessary, and a candidate must be rounded: Not just a good worker, he or she needs to have excellent team leading abilities, organizational skills, and effective communication skills. While a solid worker may become a department head, an individual with a leadership personality is in a better position to direct the entire company.

How does one acquire these skills? Think back to several years ago when applying to colleges. Reputable, top-tier schools want to see more than high grades and test scores. You, as a candidate for their school, needed to prove you could multitask and lead through extracurricular activities. No matter if you were president of the chess club or editor of the high school newspaper, you had some leadership experience under your belt, and this made you stand out from the pool of other students.

Much like colleges wanting leaders instead of followers, companies like yours and others want to see these qualities from the start. From the moment you begin an entry-level position, show those ahead of you that you can direct projects and work with your team members in order to achieve results.

Aside from showing you’re a leader from the beginning, education, and experience, the pathway into most business management jobs is through networking. Many have the same skills and education as you, but how do you stand out? Developing relationships within your company and your career field assists with moving up to reach your goal.

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